Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vintage Treasure - Installment #3

Changing themes a little - still vintage, just not a quilt. My daughters and I were shopping (okay, we don't really shop, but we do browse junk/resale/antique shops and we were sure not shopping for a wedding dress, but it found us!! It was pretty "yellowed", but when my daughter tried it on - it was so her!! So we bought it for a song!! It was hand made, probably in the 1960's. When it came time for the wedding (when we bought it - she wasn't even engaged!!), I did take it in, fixed some small tears in the lace and shortened it (just FYI - it was 8 yards around the hem!!). Then I used quilt soak and voila - the finished product - and I think she was lovely!


Janet O. said...

Beautiful girl and beautiful dress. What a find!!

LaDonna and Diana said...

A gorgeous bride! Beautiful pictures!