Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"What's Country Now..." a feature in the Country Living magazine. I've taken the magazine for years, and have seen the trends sway to and fro.

I chuckled when I saw this month's feature - also under the title of "Bargain of the Month".

Well, they really didn't ask me - but I've been "country" all my life - and I made one of these about 12 years ago - it just wasn't because I was trying to make a "country" statement. In fact I Country When Country Wasn't Cool.

There's a really sweet story that goes along with it! Mike's mother's family holds a reunion every year, and they always have an auction to raise money for the following year. Well, money was really tight for us at the time (we had just moved our family of 6 into a 16' x 40" cabin the year before. We were caring for Mike's aging parents), but I wanted to do something for the auction. I scrounged through my scraps and made the checker board and even hand quilted it (Back then I didn't even know that you could machine quilt!).

I cut the checkers from scrap lumber with a hole saw, and painted them, and Mike built some really neat clips for storage.

Our cost was $0, as even the paint was left over from another project that the girls had done.

I was excited to take it to the reunion. Lots of older folks attend that I thought would appreciate my work and I thought it would bring a nice price. But...only one bidder, and for $7. I didn't know who had bought it, but was a little disappointed. Well, here's the best part of the story - my sweet husband saw that no one was bidding on it, so he started the bidding! He said he would have gone higher, because he knew how much work I had done and he didn't want it to just go to someone else and just be thrown aside. I've treasured it since! So now I ask it "country" enough and which is the better bargain?!!!!

That's my father's day tribute to my dear husband who is also a fabulous father to our wonderful children and an awesome Gramps to the grands - of which we now have two, with the third due in August.

Our second was born May 25 - a sweet baby boy named Asa Barret. I got to spend five days with them, and it was such a blessing.

I also was only two weeks late with his quilt!

 Not sure if you can see in the photo, but I had quilted arrows around the animal blocks and deer tracks in the cornerstones/4P. Mandie decorated the nursery in a woodland theme - which you can see here.

Hope this finds each and every one of you richly blessed and remember...

Friday, May 16, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival Spring 2014

I hadn't planned to enter a quilt, but then I read Amity Quilter's latest post and just had to support all those hand quilter's out there. Evidently the hand quilting category had been deleted and then added back, so I'm helping out!

For those of you new to my blog, you can read my last post for more details about the quilt.

For details about the Festival go here.

For the Hand Quilter's link go here.


P. S. Don't forget to vote - opens in a little more than a week!!


Sunday, May 11, 2014


I know that I have mentioned The Wedding Quilt aka TWQ, several times over the past year or so. is FINISHED!!!!! We delivered it to our son and dil yesterday, so I can now reveal the photos. Thanks to all of you who continued to encourage me on this journey.

The quilt is my own original design, though I was inspired by a design on a gift bag. DD#2 sketched the pattern to size, DD#3 helped choose fabrics and DD#1 did some of my chores so I could get in more quilting time. TWQ measures  95 " square and is hand appliqued and hand quilted. Every stitch was stitched with love and prayers! When I worked on it I called it - "Heirloom Time"!

Without further ado...

By the way - I entered TWQ in our guild's annual quilt show and it received 1st place in its category! I was surprised but very pleased!

This project was definitely a "journey" from selecting a pattern/design, to choosing fabrics, to appliqueing, to piecing the borders, to marking the quilting designs, to quilting, to fixing the mistakes - but a very fulfilling journey - one that took:

Blessings to each and every one of you wonderful blogging friends!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Okay, I started out the year with a definite quilt making plan - finish UFOs, a couple of baby quilts and nothing else. I knew I was going to do ONE BOM - Barbara Brackman's "Threads of Memory" - it was ALL pieced stars - so of course I was going to do it!!! I even knew how I was going to set it!

I'm going to use a different border, but just loved this!! I even used fabrics from my stash, though I did add some neutrals from Connecting Threads in Indigo, Gold and Cream to tone down the busy prints from Judie Rothermel's "Indigo, Pewter and Honey" collection.

So, I was doing good until I saw the Benjamin Biggs quilt blocks roaming around in blog land. I loved the green and red and really wanted to make it in that - but didn't have any red and green in my stash that I thought would work. Then one night in mid January just before I fell asleep (don't all of you think about quilts just before you go to sleep??!!! LOL) Ah Hah! I will use some white on navy prints that I was gifted and use cheddar as the complement. Well, I'm caught all the way up with the first three blocks and have really enjoyed hand appliqueing these! I can say I'm getting better! And I'm thoroughly enjoying the process!

But I didn't stop there. Pickle Dish is hosting another BOM called "Remembering Almo" in honor of WWI Veterans. My paternal grandfather was in the army at the end of WWI and though he didn't see action, as a child I remember the stories that he told about that time. He was honored and proud to serve his country. So, of course I'm doing this one too!!

And here are my first two blocks!

These are fun as they are pieced and appliqued. I'm also hand appliqueing the laurel wreaths for these blocks.

Well, hope this finds all well with each and every one of you.

Remember: PERSEVERE!

Monday, February 24, 2014

2014 Finish #2

A baby quilt for a friend's fourth grandson! He will be born this Friday by scheduled C-section, so I'm excited to get this sent before the birth!! yeah for me - about the only quilt I've made on time! LOL

Blessings and remember:     PERSEVERE!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Guild Quilt

I'm not usually one to "pedal" things to my blogger friends, and I pray that no one is offended. But I think this is just an absolutely lovely quilt, and want to offer the opportunity for any of you to win it. I do want to tell you that the moneys generated from the sale of raffle tickets for this quilt go primarily to our programs, but we do support several great benevolence ministries: Monetary Support of the local Pregnancy Care Center, Wee Care Quilts (baby/child quilts distributed at the local hospital for needy/ill children), and CPS Bags (cloth bags the size of pillow cases that are used to carry a child's belongings if they are removed from an unhealthy or dangerous home environment).


94" X 102"

The pattern is from "The Tales of the First Ladies" by Eleanor Burns.

The piecing and appliqueing was done by several guild members. Long arm quilted by Doris Rice (guild member) 

Ticket Prices:

$1 per ticket
6 tickets for $5

If you buy 6 Tickets, I will add another - so will will get 7 chances for $5.

If you are interested, please email (enabled on my profile) me with your address and phone number. I will snail mail the tickets with a SAS envelope so you can return the payment. The drawing will be on Saturday April  26, 2014. 

Be Blessed and...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Midwinter Blues

Midwinter Blues is my first "official" finish of 2014. I had purposed this year to focus on UFOs, and I have done admirably - but I just couldn't resist doing Lori's SAL, and I am happy I did!

It went straight to my kitchen area work table and it coordinates well with my Marcrest Dot and Daisy and Polish pottery pitcher.

I love the secondary pattern that emerged around the center block (notice I did "good" about keeping this quilt humble - oops - the points don't match and the freehand Baptist fans are "squiggly"!  But I'm happy with the overall look

Thanks, Lori, for another fabulous SAL - I'm excited for the "linky party"!

Be blessed and persevere!!