Friday, June 10, 2011

Vintage Treasure - Installment #2

Okay, ebay shopaholic syndrome produces lots of fun things. I really like to buy quilt blocks. I usually don't know the story about the blocks, but I feel like I want to finish the "story"! Several months ago I bought a mixed lot of vintage blocks. I've played around with them and laid them out in lots of ways. The following is one of those finished projects. 

This is one my first attempts at quilting a stencil pattern. I really like how it turned out! This small quilt is about 18" X 18".



Janet O. said...

I've bought blocks from ebay, too. Sometimes they are great and sometimes I have been burned. Your stencil quilting is beautiful.

Anne Ida said...

That is such a sweet little quilt! And your stencil quilting is wonderful!

LaDonna and Diana said...

Ebay can be quite addictive! I've found some great treasures on there over the years! Your quilting looks really nice!