Saturday, November 2, 2013

What's on your bed?!!!

Really, I would love to see what is on your bed - so email me a photo and if you want - I'll include it in a post about the title subject - if not I'll just enjoy it and be inspired!!! I decided not to do a linky thing.

I have a new quilt on my bed for the first time in 13 years!!! Yep, I finished a queen size just for "me"!!! It is the CWR quilt that was my first blog land SAL and my second bed size (though this one is the biggest yet!) quilt to machine quilt myself. I must say, I had a little trouble at first and got very discouraged and set it aside for a couple of weeks while I worked on pumpkins and doll quilts. Then I figured out my problem (not basted well enough), fixed it and away I went!! So without further ado I present to you - Civil War Remembrance in fall colors!

For the quilting motif for the blocks, I chose fleur-de-lis radiating from the center. What was an "accident" was the secondary design of the four hearts!  Loved stitching this up. I did mark them, they are not "free hand".  The sashing motif is one that I found in a book for the CW era and the cornerstone motif - just an fun easy loopy flower that matched the loops on the sashing motif. Both of these were "free hand" so a "little" variation (character!!! LOL).

For the border I chose a simple lattice/diamond design. I hummed and hawed about what to do as I was quilting the blocks, and decided feathers were too much - it was a big border, and I didn't want to stitch in each strip, as I thought it would overwhelm the center. What do you think? Did I choose okay? I'm very happy with it, but always, always love your input, as I want to get better at my craft.

Again - I'd love to have a photo of what's on your bed - so email it to me!! (My email is enabled on my profile).