Flimsy Finishes

Maple Star 
(Queen Size)

Christmas Ohio Star
(Queen Size)

made from my dad's wool shirts  
(Full Size)

Black & Red Embroidered
(~45" X 60")

Cherry Limeade
(~45" X 60")

Brown Apple Betty
(Small Quilt)

Nine Patch
(Queen Size)


Teresa in Music City said...

My goodness - look at that Nine-Patch!!! It's huge! How many of them are there? It's full of scrappy goodness!!! I would be ashamed to post all the flimsies I have in my closet - I need to get busy and get them quilted so I can show them as "finished"!!! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful quilts :*)

Dawn said...

How beautiful!
You have quite a collection going.
I love the colors and patterns of each and every top.
Looking forward to seeing more ;-)