Friday, June 24, 2011

Christmas Greetings BOM / Design Board

Okay, I usually consider myself pretty self sufficient and ingenuous but Janet O. pretty much made my day!!!! I'm sure a lot of you knew about small design boards, and I've been admiring everyone's design walls which I didn't have room for, but Janet's post today was so timely!!! I'm working on Elm Creek Christmas Greetings BOM, and I was just putting my pieces on my cutting mat. I've down sized the blocks to 6", and since the pieces are very small I'm hand piecing to get the points just perfect. I'm enjoying it, but it is a slower process and the pieces have kinda been "in the way" when I need to use the space for my cutting mat for other things. So, voila - a handy design board! I'm going to definitely make me some more!!!



Janet O. said...

Doniene, aren't they great? I first used one in a class I was taking. The piecing was a little tricky and we were having trouble keeping the positions of the different parts of the block straight. The instructor got out a bunch of these for us to use. I was sold. I made a a few that week and more the following week. At the time I was working on a quilt that had many little pieces per block and I would cut out several of them, arrange them on the boards and sew away!
This is a beautiful block--and the pieces must be small if it totals 6"!! I love that you are hand piecing it. I wish I was patient enough to do more of that.

Anne Ida said...

Oh, your Advent Wreath block look great so far! Those pieces are tiny, but actually not impossible to sew on the machine (rem. all those blocks in the SBS quilt *lol*), but there's something very relaxing and satisfying by doing the blocks by hand :-)

That design board looks handy! I usually use the pressing mat of my little portable Omnigrid cutting/pressing mat for small blocks...

LaDonna and Diana said...

Oh my gosh...that's a 6 inch block!? Wow, you rock, Doniene!