Monday, December 19, 2011

Lyn's Christmas Stocking - Quilt Blocks

I've been busy sewing, but can't post what I'm working on until after Christmas. But I did finish a couple more blocks and the weekly CWR block. Plus Lyn's (future DIL) Christmas stocking.

CWR # 51 - New York

Christmas Blocks

Lyn's Stocking - notice the "bling bling" antlers and collar - Lyn is our girly, girl and she likes "bling"!!

Here's a picture of all the kid's stockings - there is a short story about the stockings. In 1999, right before Christmas we moved from Texas to Nebraska, so not only was it to a new house (the first move ever for the kids) but it was out of state. On the cover of the Eddie Bauer Christmas catalog were the cutest stockings, but not in my budget. But, I knew I could make something similar - so to commemorate our move, I made new Christmas Stockings for the whole family. As the family has grown with marriages, I've copied each child's stocking for their spouse with some small changes, so each couple has "matching" stockings at my house. 

and here are Mike's and my stockings (yes, we still get gifts from Santa!!)

Merry Christmas!!!!


Mikkie Don said...
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Mikkie Don said...

They look way better full!! Love ya Mom! See you Saturday!

Maureen said...

Those stockings are precious and I'm sure they mean more to your family since you made them. Sweet to make matching ones for the in-laws. Merry Christmas!