Monday, December 12, 2011

CWR BOW - Christmas Greetings BOM - Baby Quilt - New Project

I LOVE this time of year!!! The colors, the smells, the memories, making new memories, decorations, baking, cooking, family time, sharing, giving - the whole deal!! 

I LOVE reading everyone's blog and seeing the things you are working on and your Christmas posts! I've been posting my photos of my decorations on my house blog (button in my side bar).

And I'm still working on quilt projects - you all keep me motivated and inspired!!!

CWR Block # 50 - Grapes of Wrath

Christmas Greetings BOM - Christmas Star
(57 pieces in a 6 inch block and I machined pieced it for a change!!)

Baby quilt for a friend. I started hand quilting  it today as we traveled to pick up supplies (150 mile round trip)

And finally,  my new project that I started. Really it is Laura's fault!!! She is posting daily, lovely Christmas quilts on her blog Pine Ridge Quilter and I thought wouldn't it be fun to a have a Christmas quilt for every bed in my house (that would be 5)! So, you got it, I've begun making blocks for bed size Christmas quilts!! I still had some fabric left from my Christmas small quilt projects. I loved a lot of the blocks that we made for the CWR BOW, so I started making some of those with the Christmas fabrics, plus a few other patterns as I think of them. No time limit on finishing, just going to sew until the fabric is gone!

Blessed Christmas to Each of You!!!


Jeanneke said...

Where do you hide that box with 'TIME' Doniene? Do you ever sleep?!
Building a rustic mansion, quilting, decorating....
Great jobs; I admire each and every one!
Sending best wishes for a Merry Christmas and may 2012 bring Health, Happiness and Harmony to your Home and Hearts.


Dawn said...

Just beautiful!
I think you must have a wonderful collection of fabrics ;-) too.

Janet O. said...

Doniene, you are amazing. Love each of your projects!
Once I thought I would make Christmas quilts for all of the beds in our home, but after the first finish I needed a gift, so away it went. I made another one, but after that it stalled. Now I have used the fabrics for gift bags, pillowcases, etc., and some of it is still just buried in the depths of the stash. You give me hope that I may still do it someday!
I especially love your Christmas Star block!