Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekend Sightings!!

This past weekend, two of my daughters, my future DIL and her mom traveled to Canton, Texas to the monthly Trade Days that began in the 1870's! Of course back then it was more of a farmer's market and today it is more of a flea market, but it was fun. One of my purposes this trip was to photograph quilts and post them because I have enjoyed seeing other bloggers do the same. There were several I would have loved to buy, but alas they were outside my budget!! But it was fun to look none the less.

This little cutie came home with me. It was a small piece that had been cut from an old quilt and then rebound. It measures about 24" X 36" and I thought it would make a great table topper (and it was only $5!!) I do think it is 50's fabric and I always love to give a home to "homeless" treasures!! The only worn block is the red one on the left.

This next quilt was my favorite of everything I saw. I was told it was a Civil War era quilt, and I thought it was wonderful. Of course priced out of my budget, but I love the big fan quilting and the stars are awesome - you know how I love stars!!! I think I might put making one like this on my "bucket list"!! It was very heavy and the quilting was done with dark blue thread.

Happy Fall Ya'll!!!!!


Kathie said...

thanks for letting me know your right that is a beautiful quilt and the hand quilting is so dense! don't you just love that! thanks for sharing and lucky you coming home with a little quilt, I haven't made a flower garden quilt yet , someday!

Janet O. said...

Doniene, that little piece of flower garden quilt is a treasure--at that price who could pass it up?
Beautiful CW era quilt. That is a lot of quilting! If you decide to make one I hope you will let us follow the progress.

Maureen said...

I'd have had a hard time passing up the grandmother's flower garden, too. It will make a very sweet table topper. That CW quilt looks pretty special to me. I'm reading Barbara Brackman's Quilts from the Civil War and learned these seven stars represent the first 7 states of the confederacy. You probably already knew that, but it brings new meaning to me. It's a lovely block and I love the double pink and the beautiful fan quilting. Thanks for sharing.