Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chasing a Rabbit!

Remember This?

 The Civil War Era Seven Sisters (Stars) Quilt I posted about earlier.

Well, Maureen commented on this post, that she was reading Barbara Brackman's book and that the seven stars represented the first seven southern states to secede from the Union. I didn't know that, and didn't know that Texas was one of those states much to Sam Houston's chagrin. So, my interest is piqued now, and I begin reading Barbara's blog more carefully. I had seen it before, but thought it was just a sew-a-long, but it is a history lesson!!! I have always loved the civil war fabrics, but had only purchased a few little pieces for small projects and didn't feel like I could really sew-a-long.

Then the little niggle at the back of you brain - you know the one that says "don't get yourself into something you shouldn't"!!! LOL Ahah!! I remembered that I had purchased on-line several yards of some fabric for another project, but when I got it it wasn't as "red" as I wanted. So, I put the fabric up - until now!!

Technically, it is not labeled Civil War Era fabric by the designer (P&B Textiles) I thought it would work - a paisley, foulard looking prints, "almost" madder browns and reds and 7 yards to use! I also had a small piece of "real" Civil War Era fabric that I added to the collection.

So, in 5 days I've done THIS!

18 blocks done!

My goal is to be caught up by November 1, and I think I'm making this quilt for me!!!!


Maureen said...

Oh, my! That is wonderful! Those aren't easy blocks to do and you are just cranking them out. They look wonderful and hope you don't hate me on October 31st!

Janet O. said...

Wow, Doniene, look at you go! I am so impressed. For the past few months I have talked about doing some of these blocks for a commemorative lap quilt, but I didn't actually do anything with the patterns I had saved until I made blocks for John'aLee. I agree with Maureen--they aren't the easiest blocks to make.
Your fabrics look beautiful. This will make a wonderful quilt and if you want it, keep it!!

Cathy said...

I really love your blocks. The colors are my favorites. Hugs

Anne Ida said...

Wow! That was quick! And the blocks look absolutely wonderful! I was so tempted to sew these blocks when I saw Barbara Brackman was publishing the patterns, but I had to be hard on myself and try to focus on some of my WIPs ;-) But I do love to read the posts! And now I can look forward to more of your lovely blocks :-)

Hope you're having a wonderful day!
Hugs and stitches from me