Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mystery Quilt-a-long

Cheri is have a cute little quilt sew-a-long, and I resisted until yesterday (Day two)!! The little nine patch was just too cute!! So I joined in and am having fun!

Day One

Day Two


Looking forward to the mystery reveal!

Blessings to Ya'll


Dawn said...

ohhh...those are just the cutest!
Looking forward to seeing what you come up with ;-)

Janet O. said...

I.Am.Resisting! : )
Very cute blocks--I will watch with interest as this unfolds.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Very cute Doniene...I am sooooo tempted!!!! I have other projects I am working on and others that I need to finish. Then this little quilt tempts me...all because of Cheri and now you! :)

I think I am in trouble but I am doing it to myself.

Hugs, Carolyn