Sunday, May 29, 2011

Border Collie Update/Mikkie's Wedding Quilt

Wow what a busy weekend, but I had such a good time. There were five of us that gathered at our home to practice working our Border Collies. I'm not much of photographer, because I end up watching and forgetting to take pics, but we had a great time and ate bunches of good food, too!!
This is my friend Pat that just got the sheep in the pen with her young dog Patch. Yeah, Pat!!
This is my dog Tate holding the sheep until we can load them in the trailer. We had a good day of practice, and we got our sheep in the pen, too!
This is the whole cloth quilt that I made for our oldest daughter's wedding quilt. It is much prettier than the pictures, but it does give you an idea. I really enjoyed making it. I didn't have it done for the wedding - it was about a year late, but I also made her wedding dress, so that had to be done first!
Hope everyone had a pleasant weekend. Blessings!

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Lori said...

I think your daughter looks a lot prettier wearing the wedding dress rather than wrapped in her quilt! LOL