Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another busy Day!

We are still so very dry here in Central Texas, but we have been blessed to not have fires like other parts of the state. Over 2 million acres have burned, and so many ranchers have lost grazing and livestock.

Mike and I cut more mesquite firewood this morning and I hauled it in the Skid Steer to the wood pile. This is a new venture for me - running the Skid Steer - but I find it challenging and it sure is easier to haul wood!!!

We are cloudy and cool this morning - much better than the 100 degrees we had two days ago. It is sure hard for my garden to grow when it is so hot. In fact I just heard thunder, so I'm praying for a nice rain! Even hear a few sprinkles on the roof.

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Rhonda said...

Welcome to blogging. Hi, I Rhonda, a Texan as well. Anne Ida asked me to pop over and say hello.
I'll sign up as a "FOLLOWER" in a moment!