Thursday, October 15, 2015

Some Finishes

A couple of months (I think LOL!!!!) ago my daughter asked me to quilt another quilt that her friend commissioned from her. So Mandie and I teamed up again - she made the flimsy and I did the quilting. But it had been a couple of months since I had done any FMQ, so I pulled out some small quilt flimsys, got them basted and did some practice.

This is a little fall quilt that I made from a charm pack sent from a dear friend. I tried a new border design (again from Lori Kennedy). Of course I seem to always add (or subtract) as it suits me, but I love Lori's designs to kick start my FMQ. I think each of us creates our own style and that is what is so cool about quilting - no two quilts are EXACTLY alike and every quilt tells a story!

Then I found a panel (gifted from another dear friend) in my reorganizing and cleaning out, so put together a small quilt to hang on the wall in my "new" sewing room. Though you can't see them, I made my first "bump bump' vine feathers in the borders (black thread on black fabric).

What got me into quilt making was having some quilts that Mike's grandmother had made. I love the vintage scrap quilts, but wanted to expand my horizons and blogger has done just that. But I still find myself leaning toward the "old " quilts. I have several books with old quilts and their stories and one of my favorites is this one by Mary Bywater Cross.

And one of my favorite quilts in the book was made by the women of The Aurora Colony circa 1875.

Several years ago I made a small replica flimsy, but had not quilted it. Thought I might get it hand quilted, but that hadn't happened. I wanted to make my quilting as close as possible to the original with feathered wreaths in the setting blocks and outline quilting in the pieced blocks.

Here's my version which measures about 37" X 46".

My first "big" finish of "bump bump" feathers. I've found I love making them!

Well, I finally got to the "commissioned" quilt, and of course I had to look at it for several days to decide how to quilt it. Lovely fabrics with simply pieced  horizontal strips - modern fabrics - so stretching my quilting repertoire once again (builds character I know, I know - but "comfortable" is nice!!)

Decided on hooked swirls, found a pattern/template in one of my magazines and proceeded. About one "pattern" worth and it became pretty much "Free" motion swirls! But it was fun and I think the overall look is pleasing.

And Finally... (aren't you glad I'm almost done!!! LOL I've been taking posting lessons from Janet O. (LOL) but I don't think mine are near as wonderful as hers - I LOVE her projects!)...

...I finished Country Roads SAL from Lori at Humble Quilts.

What a fun, fun SAL!!

Simple Cross Hatch in the Country Lane blocks and pumpkin seeds in the setting blocks. This is a companion quilt to one a made earlier in the year (I just didn't realize it until I was almost finished with Country Roads)

That's all for now, but remember:


Janet O. said...

I'm the last person from whom you want to be taking posting lessons! : )
You have some great finishes, Doniene. Love the little quilt from the charm pack. And What a great replica of the quilt in the book. I have that book, too--and another one by the same author. She does a good job.
The quilting on the commissioned quilt looks really fun!
Your little Humble Quilts SAL finish turned out beautifully. I love the gold fabric you used.
Lots of quilty goodness here.

Aunt 'Reen said...

So many beautiful quilts to share today!
Your little charm quilt is adorable, love those quilted borders.
Your sew along quilt is fabulous too - love the pop of cheddar in the background.

Wonderful commissioned quilt - they are sure to love this beautiful blue quilt. And I really love your Reproduction Quilt. The red & green fabrics are perfectly matched in color. Your quilting looks wonderful so far on this quilt too!

Congratulations on so many wonderful finishes!

Aimee said...

Everything is lovely as always Doniene, but I think my favorite has got to be the one from the book. So sweet and beautifully quilted :) Thanks for sharing

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Beautiful quilts, great book filled with inspiration. Little quilts are always such fun

Dawn said...

Wow!! Have you ever been stitching! Impressive. I love each project and I thimk your quilting looks great.

Denise :) said...

What a fun lot of finishes you've got!! That first mini was just precious -- and I *adore* the little piece you made from the panel from Proverbs 31:25 -- that's just lovely!!! :)

Mary said...

Your FMQ just keeps getting better and better. What a nice group of finishes!

Lori said...

Oh my goodness! You know I am a huge fan of the Aurora collection!(watch for a post next week on their recent show) I LOVE your reproduced piece! nicely done!!
Lovely job on all of your quilts. I adore your Country Roads too.

Sue said...

Beautiful as always, Doniene, you know I am drooling!~smile~ Thanks for stopping by, I have done very little blogging lately and I seem to have lost touch with all my friends, hopefully I can get back to blogging regularly.
Have a blessed weekend.

gerry smith said...

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