Saturday, October 31, 2015

Country Rose Garden

That's what I'm calling my "Country Charmer" quilt. Marie recently posted about her Country Charmer being finished and on it's way to the long arm quilter. I've been "strong" - I DIDN'T need to make another star quilt!!!! But I couldn't stand it!!!! Ordered the the pattern (BTW nicest people at In Between Stitches!!!).

Selected the focus fabrics:

I bought the green rose calico on ebay a couple of years ago. It was originally purposed for another project, but the colors didn't quite match, so it has been setting in a box (and found when I reorganized!!) The cream tone on tone is one of my all time favorite fabrics and thought it was perfect to use with the calico.

Then went through my stash and selected greens and "roses" that would coordinate.

Then stitched up some blocks. I have found that I do best by assembling the flimsy as I make blocks (if I know how I'm going to set them).

It could be used as a Christmas quilt, but the colors to me or more like a beautiful summer rose garden - hence the name "Country Rose Garden".

Not sure how big I will make it yet - depends when the fabric runs out or I tire of making star blocks - which ever occurs first (and we know which one that will be!!! LOL)

I've started another project for a gift for a family member, so the Country Rose Garden blocks are on hold for a while, but I'll still be working on my leader/ender project: scrappy nine patches. (there is a story behind the blocks - will save it for a post of its own)

Blessings to each of you and remember:


Janet O. said...

Good for you, making a new project. : )
I've seen Country Charmer on several blogs over the years and I love it. It has tempted me, too, but so far I've resisted. Your green and rose version will be very pretty. It is nice to have something assembled as you go. I just never trust my block arrangement until I can see them all.
I love your thought at the end!

Karen said...

I kike the fabric selection you have pulled for Country Charmer. It is hard to resist starting a new quilt when we see so many wonderful ones on the quilting blogs.

Aunt 'Reen said...

Country Charmer is such a great pattern.
I like your fabrics for this AND the "Country Rose Garden" title you've given it. I look forward to seeing more of this pretty quilt!

Aimee said...

That will be a beautiful quilt! Love the colors. Why is it that stars are such an attractive temptation? I have the same problem :)

Vickie said...

I really like the pattern and your fabrics.....they have Doniene written all over them ! My goodness, that's a stack of blocks !!!

Deb R said...

Such lovely blocks

Lori said...

I love the fabric you chose for this awesome quilt!!

Linda in Calif. said...

How could anyone resist that star pattern? I love it. I totally enjoyed your post - seeing the pattern, seeing the fabrics and the additional fabrics. And the SURPRISE - actual blocks that you have made! I LOVE them. Great colors.

Raewyn said...

I resisted this quilt when the sewalong was on but love it so much that I know I will succomb one day! I love what you have chosen to sew it on - it will be a real beauty for sure :-)

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