Monday, October 8, 2012

Block Bonanza & A Winner!!!

A quick update of the quilt blocks that I'm "dealing" with right now!!

Our guild has a BOM, where one of the members presents a certain block and then those that want to participate make the blocks (or as many as they want). Then at the next meeting, we put our names in the post and a winner is drawn! Well, I won (for the third time in a year) last month's blocks!

Now, I need suggestions on settings!!!! The original called for them to be set next to each other, but the colors were the same and it made a nice saw tooth sashing - but I'm not crazy about that with the different colors. So please, I covet your suggestions!!

Additionally, I presented the BOM for this month (we present it one month, to make for the next month). I chose a very simple Vintage Churn Dash in Blue and White. I've made four blocks, not sure if I will put them all in the drawing because I love them so much that I might just make one for me!!

I caught up (I was 3 weeks behind) on Barbara Brackman's Grandmother's Choice BOW. I'm still in love the royal purple!! So rich!! I've added a couple other fabrics for a little diversity and I'm liking it! What do you think? Are my colors speaking to you?

I've completed 20 Petite Granny Squares and I thought I was done, but after I laid them out, I decided to make five more. But, I'm liking how they are coming together!!

This evening I captured the resident cowboy and his trusty black hat and drew a winner!!

Rockgranny, you are the winner!!! Please email me your snail mail address and I will get these FQs in the mail for you ASAP!!  Congratulations!!!

My deepest appreciation for each and everyone of you that take time to leave a comment! Again, I say, bloggers are the best!!! How you have enriched my life!!  Blessings!!!!!


Teresa in Music City said...

Congratulations to Rock Granny!!! She's not as lucky as you are though Doniene! 3 times in one year? Amazing!!! I'm afraid I have no setting suggestions for you but I really love the blocks. It will be fun to see what you end up doing with them :*) Love, Love, Love your blue/white churn dash blocks!!! What a simple design but they sparkle :*) And your purple GC blocks are really looking good! One of these days I may make a Granny Square quilt but it is so far down on the list I may have to work on it in heaven :*) Yours is very sweet.

Betty Lou said...

Congratulations on your winning blocks, maybe set them on point to give them a little different look. Can't go wrong with blue and white churn dash, good colors and easy to work with. Your use of purple will be stunning in your Grandmothers Choice quilt.

Janet O. said...

So much gorgeous stuff in one post--where to start?!?
I love those Fall colored blocks you won! My favorite inspiration for settings are Sharyn Craig's two books on the subject. I bought them used on Amazon. They are full of inspiration on settings that give a quilt its own look.
LOVE the churn dash blocks, and of course, the purple blocks! : )
And Granny Squares--they are so cute! I am determined to do a Granny Squares quilt someday! Great stuff, Doniene!

Raewyn said...

Lucky you winning the blocks -- sorry I'm not sure of a good setting right now, but I think it is a good idea to separate them as you suggest. Your churn dashes are so cute - they look nice chubby like that. I too am wanting to do Granny squares - have a jelly roll all set to use...oh for more hours in the day!

Karen said...

Sharyn Craig has published two good books on setting a variety of blocks like you have. She has some very interesting and valuable information in the books.

regan said...

All of your projects look so good! And yeah, that royal purple DOES speak to me! Beautiful! I have no suggestion for setting those blocks except that I love everything on point these days..... :o)

Aunt 'Reen said...

All of your block projects are AWESOME! You've been wonderfully busy (and lucky at winning quilt YES the fabrics you are using for B.B.'s sew along speak to me too - they are gorgeous!

Maureen said...

Wow! I REALLY LOVE each and every set of blocks you've shown. The only thing I can think of for the block setting of the BOM is to sash it with the background fabric in the hst - a tan - with cornerstones in fall colors. I have a couple books with setting ideas, but I don't think any are by Sharyn Craig. I'll have to look for those. Congrats to Rockgranny.

Karin said...

Oh my goodness, you have been busy churning out so many lovely blocks! As for the setting on the pretty blocks you won - I have found that taking a picture of various settings has helped me so much. I don't know why a photo makes a difference, but it does. Perhaps an on point setting with a solid sashing...a brown perhaps? I adore your blue and white churn dash blocks - I think a whole quilt of those would be so pretty! And our granny squares make me want to dig mine back out!