Saturday, August 25, 2012

Recent Finishes & Another Start!

Isn't it always fun to finish up a quilt project!! I've finished 4 small quilts and even learned a new skill!! Yes, I have ventured into machine quilting - though it be only straight line quilting with a walking foot attachment. But I'm hooked!!! I hope to venture into FMQ soon. I've found some old batting pieces so will make up some practice sandwiches soon!

Wee Care quilts for our guild's benevolence program.

A fall small quilt for myself - yes for me!!!! I had pieced the top last fall for a small quilt challenge, but had put it up to quilt later. But decided to practice my straight line machine quilting for myself, and I was pleased with the results!

And a very old UFO that I had put together several years ago and started hand quilting. Well, I finished it!! It is a Debbie Mumm pattern and I wanted a valentine quilt for my coffee table. The colors are kinda Christmasy, but my living room is burgundy and hunter, so goes any time!!

I do love to hand quilt! But I have found machine quilting to be very fun and rewarding too. One of the things that made it "pleasant" is that after viewing several tutorials on-line I ordered 505 Basting Spray. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! NO PINS!!! It makes the layers of the sandwich adhere wonderfully, but it is very supple and very easy to handle. I haven't used it on a bed size quilt yet, but I have plans to machine quilt one of my Christmas quilts in a couple of weeks. But it worked absolutely wonderfully on the small quilts I did. This is a picture of my three new most favorite quilting tools!!

And here is my new start! The GREAT GRANNY CRAZE has hit!! But alas, mine are really PETITE GRANNY SQUARES. My squares are only two inches which makes the blocks about 8 1/2 inches finished. Plus, I am such a "Frugal Frannie" that I piece with the "no waste" method. But, I'm really liking them. I won the pink, green, and lavender FQs and am making them into a baby girl quilt for a friend.

Lastly, I am not able to leave comments on blog posts where there is word verification!!! Is anyone else having that trouble? It has just come up and I've checked and rechecked my settings on my blog and on my browser! Any tips would be so greatly appreciated. BTW I HATE Word verification!!!!

Blessings Ya'll!!!!!!


Gayle said...

Looks like you're off to a great start with your machine quilting. Once the quilt is washed and puckered I think it looks just great - that's about the only thing I do with my quilts anymore! I made the great granny along a few weeks ago too - made my blocks 6" and they're so danged cute!

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Oh Doniene! What truly charming finishes! Look at you churning out so many pretty things! Your two donation quilts will surely become instant treasures for those blessed to receive them! And that Fall quilt! Swoon! Absolute perfection - I MUST make one. May I ask what size your squares are? Patchwork just makes my heart sing! Those hearts are so sweet too - I love the folk art look they have - such a pretty addition to your beautiful home.
Granny Squares here I come! I've held out thus far and you pushed me over the fence. Good thing I'm well-padded. :)
And I am excited for your new-found machine quilting skills. I love both so much!

Dirt Road Quilter said...

And I forgot to add that I don't like word verification either, but I have it on my blog because I receive horrible spam. What do you do about that?

Janet O. said...

Where to start--so much good stuff here!
Very nice donation quilts. Isn't it nice to be able to do it yourself--from start to finish?
Love the little fall piece (looks very familiar). Those borders don't look like straight line quilting to me! Very nice!
Your little heart quilt is so cute. Definitely not just for Valentine's Day. : )
Oh, I want to make a Granny Square quilt. Your squares are very pretty. So fun to visit and see all you have going on.
Word verification is driving me batty. I think it gets harder and harder to read, but that must be even more maddening to not be able to comment at all.

Impera_Magna said...

Congratulations on all your fab finishes! I love straight line quilting.. I really do!

I'm up for a great granny quilt but am putting it off for a bit b/c of other projects in the works. I did make a regular granny square to make a pillow cover... so I have gotten my feet wet!

I don't use word verification. The very few spam posts I've gotten were caught by Blogger. Not sure why you can't post on blogs using it tho...

Teresa in Music City said...

Way to go - your quilting looks great! Can't wait to see how your FMQ goes :*) I always use the spray adhesive and it makes quilting so much easier on a domestic machine! When I am working on a large quilt, I also pin but not as densely as I would if there were no adhesive. Love your little granny blocks :*)

Betty Lou said...

A great line up of quilt finishes, especially like your little checkerboard quilt. Keep up the good work. Love to spray baste also but haven't tried 505, will give it a try.

Barbara Woods said...

i wont to try that to i have quilted sew in the ditch but that is all so far

regan said...

Wonderful quilts, Doniene! I love that little fall quilt you made for yourself! Yay! And congrats on machine quilting! You'll find so many projects get finished so fast, so you can start new ones even faster! :o)

And yeah, I hate word verification, too! And lately, I can't seem to read what the letters are, they are so mashed sometimes it takes 3 tries! Sheesh! Just to leave a dang comment! Ugh!

Lori said...

Great quilts and wonderful quilting!! Get to know a Hera marker too as it is my favorite tool for marking straight lines!!

Marga (MarPie) said...

They all look great but I am in love with your petite granny squares.

Kind regards,

Michelle said...

Great finishes !!
I love Sullivans basting spray but we can't get it here anymore.
Might have to try the 505....

Kathryn D. Duke said...

What great finishes....the pink & blue baby quilts are so pretty and your quilt for you is also!!
Proud of you for venturing into machine quilting BUT nothing beats the beauty of hand quilting like on your little hearts!!!
I have not found it difficult to post on those word verifications but it is a not really like it.

Kathryn D. Duke said...

forgot...I am not a fan of the sprays EXCEPT on quickie, small types...and not real sure how it will be over the years with bugs etc????? Definately NOT for heirloom types...just a thought.

TheMugglePuggle said...

So I had been having problems with the word verification as well! I then noticed that there was a number added as well, and you have to type the number and the word as two separate words. It drove me crazy until I figured it out! I haven't had any problem with it lately, though :)

And, I've been wanting to try the 505 basting spray as well, so I am glad to see that you have used it and it works. I guess it's worth the extra money.

Carla said...

I have only played with straight line quilting too. But, only on runner size projects. Love the colors of your fall top! I have tried the Sullivans basting spray. The instructions say to "Always protect area from overspray". Well, I didn't and had a heck of a time getting it off of my kitchen floor. The next time I used it, I took it outside on my concrete (without protection). I'm a slow learner...I can still see the rectangle outline from the overspray. After learning from my mistakes, I WILL use it again! I'm excited to follow along your Granny Square project, I love them and want to do some someday.

Aunt 'Reen said...

Wow.. you have lots of great finishes to share! All wonderful quilts. Good for you to take the time and make yourself a darling little scrap quilt. VERY sweet!

What a great start to your Grannie blocks! Wishing you continued success with these.