Thursday, August 30, 2012

Charm Pack Winner and Charm Pack Question!!

So sorry that I didn't get this posted yesterday like I said. I had a hard time "corraling" the resident cowboy, but finally got him "lassoed" this morning! He drew and the winner is:

Congratulations, Louise!!!

Now, I have another question for everyone, just for my information.

What is your favorite block and/or quilt project that would use a charm pack?


Blessings Ya'll!!!!!


Teresa in Music City said...

I love the Nickel Quilts books - there are tons of patterns in them that use charm packs!!! Congrats to Louise :*)

Impera_Magna said...

Congratulations to Louise!

I love to make disappearing 9-patches with charm squares... it's so easy and looks so hard!

Louise said...

First of all thank you so much for the giveaway, so happy my name was drawn! I use charm packs for baby quilts mostly when we have a new little one at our parish chuch.
They are perfect. Also use them for pinkeep pillows.
Thank you again Doniene..

Janet O. said...

Congrats to Louise.
I had never made a quilt from a charm pack until I made that Flurry quilt earlier this month. : )

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Yay Louise - congratulations! I have never made a quilt from an actual charm pack, but this one has been on my list for a while:

I am also a huge fan of simple patchwork quilts - there is just something so inviting about them.

I like making hst as well because there are so many ways to turn them.

I am eager to see what you are up to! :)

Gill said...

Congratulations Louise!
I like to make HST's from charm packs! so simple and so effective!

Carla said...

Congrats Louise! Good question about Charm Packs. I have a few that need to be stitched up. I love them for reference when shopping online. I'm not a fan of the pinked edges when stitching together.

Karen said...

I don't buy many charm packs. I often just use bits of them in different projects. Like an applique quilt.

Dawn said...

Congrats to your winner!
Oh my, I just buy the charm packs - you mean I'm supposed to use them?? LoL

Sheila said...

Have only bought a few charm packs. The one project that I have used them for and it came out great was the lil twister quilt.