Monday, November 14, 2011

Flimsy Finish and the LAST Trade Days Quilt

Hope this finds each of you with many blessings for which to be thankful!! I know I do - even in the hard times that many of us face each day!

This is a flimsy that I finished a couple of weeks ago. I had bought the completed embroidered blocks on ebay about a year ago. I had red strips left from the crazy quilt backing and had bought the black/red fabric for the binding for the crazy quilt, but didn't like the effect. So just put the flimsy together with the "leftovers". It measures about 4' by 5' so will make a nice lap quilt. Not sure for whom, so no plans for quilting just yet.

This is the last quilt that I photographed at Canton Trade Days in October. I nearly bought this quilt, as the vendor made a reasonable offer. I love album quilts with signatures!!! What sweet fabrics and great memories!

But I didn't buy this quilt. Instead I bought this table!! When Mike and I first married, we lived in a ranch house that had a small drop leaf table in our kitchen where he and I would eat or play cards when ever we didn't have the hands in for a meal. The memories of that time are precious. I've been looking for a drop leaf table and when I saw this one I knew it was the one!!!

May Your Day Be Filling With Many Blessings!!


Maureen said...

Good job with the embroidered blocks. How about finishing it for yourself? That's a nice signature quilt, but I think you made the right choice going with the table.

Janet O. said...

I do like what you have done with those embroidered blocks. Very pretty quilt--I agree with Maureen, it should be for you!!
Love the album quilt and the table. Fun to have the table for the memories it recalls!

Leah in Iowa said...

I'm always so amazed by what creative people can do! What a beautiful piece you're working on! My Mom quilts, but I never learned to sew a stitch. Well, I CAN sew on a button if that counts. :) But that's about it.

So glad you're still working on the Giving Thanks Challenge - all great things to be thankful for! Thanks again for joining me!

- Leah

Sue-Anne said...

The embroidered quilt looks great and I love that old album quilt. I too think you made the right choice with the table, love the story that goes with it.