Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yahoo Small Quilt Talk: Fall 'One to One'Swap

I'm not sure if I had mentioned or not that last fall I was also working on a small quilt for the Yahoo Small Quilt Talk group. Kathleen Tracy is the moderator of that group and is sponsoring a really neat sew-a-long. I've chosen not to participate this time, but if you like small quilts it sounds like a lot of fun !! Anyway, last fall I was paired with Janene from Yackandandah, Victoria, Austrailia. We corresponded via email and were excited to make a small quilt for each other. But what do you make for someone that says, "I'll like whatever you send !!" I feel the same way, but really wanted to make something memorable. So for several days (maybe even a week or so) I thought and thought and thought:

I looked through my quilting books and magazines

Then I thought and thought and thought again.

Went on-line and looked at quilts there.

Then I thought and thought and thought again.

Went through my magazines again and looked again at this one:

Inside is a beautiful blue and white basket quilt that I have drooled over several times.

Though you can't read it from the photo the quote at the top of the page reads:

"Blue-and-white quilt kits usually prove to be the best sellers in my quilt shop, maybe because they seem to fit any decor, from traditional to contemporary."

-Quilt collector Julie Hendricksen

Well needless to say, I decided to make a small blue and white basket quilt.

I even tried to imitate the quilting design that was in the book.

All in all, I was pleased with it, though I did end making 20 basket blocks to get 12 that I liked !! (So does anyone want the leftover 8? let me know - I'll send them to you !) The stats on the quilt are:
4 inch finished blocks set on point with setting squares. The quilt measures about 24" x 27".

I put the quilt in the mail the first week of December and waited and waited and waited for Janene to email me that she had received the package. But no word until yesterday. (I was beginning to think that she hated it and just didn't want to tell me !! lol) Evidently they have had some trouble with their postal service, and she did not receive the notice that she had received a parcel. Long story short, she LOVED it !! And to top it off, she has blue and white china that she said she would display it with !! I'm anxiously awaiting her parcel, because I know it will be just wonderful !

Blessings to Ya'll


Dawn said...

Oh you created an heirloom!! She is very lucky to have you as a swap partner. So much thought and care you put into the project. The feathered wreaths are amazing. I agree too - blue and white can go with everything!
Well done - thanks for sharing!

Maureen said...

Beautiful! I love blue and white - more I think, than the red and white we've seen so much of. If they are still available, I'll take the extras. That's so generous of you. And I look forward to seeing what Janene sends you.

Janet O. said...

You have made an amazing little quilt, Doniene! What incredible quilting. Janene is a very lucky lady--and so is Maureen, to receive your extra blocks. Beautiful little treasure you have created!

Sue said...

You did a great job, Doniene, I envy your quilting talent. How rewarding this must be.
Thanks for sharing.

Lucy said...

Your blue and white quilt is a thrill Doniene!

Dirt Road Quilter said...

I'm certain she will treasure that beautiful piece! The baskets are darling and your quilting is impressive! The blue and white is a perfect choice - it is timeless and classic and charming. Well done!

Kathie said...

omg this quilt is just soooo beautiful
how lucky she was to have you for a partner, it is such a beautiful incredible quilt. YOu were so thoughtful and your work is just amazing. Anyone would be proud to hang that quilt up in their home. I would have put it right up on my wall of little quilts!
blue and white is just so classic and everlasting.
thanks for sharing ....