Thursday, September 29, 2011

Christmas Greetings BOM

Another "under the wire" finish for the only BOM I'm doing!! You think I'd get it done at the first of the month, but no I put it off. But even though I put it off, I'm pleased with the results!! I don't have the patterns, I just look on-line and create a 6" pattern from the posted 12" pattern. Then I have been piecing by hand to get all the corners and points exact. I think I'm getting better and more precise - a rewarding "self" challenge!
Just a note of interest - the center star is 3 inches across from point to point and there are 52 pieces in this block!! 

Happy Fall Ya'll

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Janet O. said...

This is a beautiful block, Doniene, as are all of the BOM blocks you have done.
I've lost count--how many is this that you have completed now?
These are pretty complex blocks to be drafting yourself just from looking at the pattern online. I am so impressed. Good job!!