Monday, August 22, 2011

Okay, Okay I HAVE been quilting, though it be slowly!!!

I really have been working on quilt projects, just slowly. My main focus has been the crazy quilt, but I'm not posting pics until I've finished it and given it to Mandie and Bobby. But, have been working on little things. In my planning for Rygh (son) and Lyn's (future DIL)  quilt I have some fabric that is silk drapery samples that I wanted to use. Janet suggested I "practice with the fabric to see if I like it so with fabric from my stash and one block of the silk I have started a lap size log cabin quilt. I confess, log cabin quilts are one of my favorites, but have never made one! or even a block!! So these are my new "favorite" blocks to make!!!

And I like using the silk fabric - it is easy to use and doesn't fray. And can you see the little bit of "glitz" that it gives!!

Mandie came in this weekend since Bobby was out of town, and she helped me make some more block design boards for bigger blocks. Then she set out several postage stamp blocks for me. It was fun spending time with her and talking quilting among other things.

Last, but of course not the least, I finished the August Christmas Greetings BOM which is called Glad Tidings. This one was simpler, but of course always a challenge as I'm making six inch blocks and like making the pieces small for the "mosaic" look. I only hand piece on it in the evenings if we watch TV, so it goes a little slower. I'm pleased with it. I left the red framing off this time - not sure if I like the red - it seems to over power the small blocks. What do ya'll think!


Janet O. said...

I'm glad the silk worked out in your blocks--the log cabins look great. And I love postage stamp quilts. Those color-coordinated blocks look really good.
On your BOM, the block without the border on does have more red in it than the block you are showing with the red border. I think where there is more red in the block the block can hold its own against the border. But without so much red in the block, the border does draw the eye out away from the block, since the red is the strongest color in the quilt. I don't know if I said that very clearly, but it is just my opinion anyway. Are all of the blocks supposed to be bordered in the red, or does it vary?

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