Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Christmas Greetings BOM/Vacation!!!!!!

Well by switching June and July Blocks for the BOM, I'm now on schedule!!!! Yeah! Have an intricate applique block that I'm determined to do by hand!

Probably won't be in touch for a couple of weeks.We're leaving for Wyoming tomorrow. I'm so ready for some cool weather!!! Plus, I'll get to see family and lots of friends!

Blessings til then!!!


Anne Ida said...

The blocks turned out beautiful, Doniene! And I'm happy to see you out in the open in the yahoo group ;-)

Enjoy your holiday! Relax and have some fun ;-)

Janet O. said...

Hey, those blocks look great. I know they are hand-pieced, which tells me you have been busy.
Now that I am back home from Canada you are off to Wyoming. It was cool in Canada, but hot coming home through Montana and Idaho. I guess that is relative. Montana hot may be Texas cool.

Debbie S. said...

One day I'm going to go to Wyoming too:) At least I'm hoping:)

Have a great trip!


Myra said...

lovely blocks...