Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lookie what I got!!!

Mike had to go to town to get some work done on the pickup. I went along, but instead of staying at the shop, Mike dropped me at Designs by Deborah - my FAVORITE store. She has yarn - loads and loads of it and it FEEEEEELS SOOOOOO GOOOD!!! She carries wool fabric by the yard and by the FQ, some of which she has hand dyed - SOOOOOOO scrumptious! ANNNND she carries fabric - lovely quilt designer fabric at discount prices. Some of them are "last year's" collections, but so good for me!! And this is what I got!!!

Blessings Ya'll

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Well, I'm a winner too!! I forgot to post yesterday that I received a surprise package from my dear friend Janet O. Isn't this little quilt just adorable!! Right now it sits on top of this antique display box that sits on my sewing desk!! That way I look at it and touch it several times a day!!

Without further ado!! The resident cowboy was in house with his trusty black hat!! And the winners are:


and Sallie!!!

I've contacted both of you by email for details!!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm Seeing Stars!!

I've been on a "piecing" frenzy! Have you ever done that? I have had so much fun that past week or so piecing several projects (and starting a couple that I set back down for now - but love the blocks I did!!)

You know how I love stars - so I pieced a couple more small quilts with the star fabric!

Plus, I started the 5 inch Lemoyne stars from the fabric from Maureen! I'm loving them!!

Also, here are my Temecula Summer SAL Stars! Pretty fun!!

A little secret - I saw another star pattern on another blog and Yep - I'm gonna make a small quilt with them too!! But that is for a later date - maybe fall colors!!

I've also pieced a baby quilt top and a "toddler" quilt. I'm working on another "toddler" quilt. I'll post about them when I finish! Told you I've been on a piecing frenzy!!

By the way - I'm drawing a winner for this month's FFFF tomorrow!!! Go here if you want to enter!

Blessings Ya'll!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Scrap or Scrappy? & FFFF

Can you believe it is the fifteenth and I'm actually posting the fabric for this month's FFFF! This one has been fun for me and I hope is fun for you as well!

First of all I must say that quilt blogging friends are the best!! Maureen was so sweet and sent me a surprise package! Some solid scraps for my Barrister's blocks and also 4 fat 16ths that are so special!!

Aren't they just well...special! And I have a little star quilt planned (bet you couldn't guess that!! LOL)

I have never had 16ths in the technical sort of way, but they are perfect for a little project and I thought I would pass the fun on to you. So for this month I'm giving away 8 sets of 4 fat 16ths and I'm going to choose two winners. So whomever I draw first will get their first 4 choices and the name which I draw second will get the other 4 sets. So all in all, you won't get much fabric, but it should be enough to make a cute little project!

But first of all, we need to have a little discussion!!

Scrap or Scrappy? Which is it? When I entered blog land, I learned several new terms with which I was not familiar - "leaders/enders", "flimsy", "sow-a-long", "scrappy" just to name a few. For the most part, I assimilated them into my vocabulary, but I have struggled with "SCRAPPY"!!

"Scrappy", to me, describes the little wiry haired mutt that lives in the alley and beats all the other dogs to the scraps thrown out by the diner owners!
"Scrappy", to me, describes the light weight boxer that bounces around the ring!
"Scrappy" was how people described me when I played basketball!

I NEVER thought of a quilt being "scrappy". A quilt was a "scrap" quilt when it was made with multiple fabrics.

Alas, I have resigned myself to the fact that many quilters use "scrappy" to describe a particular style of quilt.
But...I will make a distinction!

A "Scrappy" quilt is one that is made from a large variety of fabrics not used in a previous project!

A "Scrap" quilt is one that is made from scraps from previous projects, albeit clothing, linens, or quilts!

So... to enter for a chance to win this month's FFFF, leave me a comment on this post about what "scrappy" and "scrap" means to you. Also, list your 4 favorite groups of fat 16ths!

Group #1

Group #2

Group #3

Group #4

Group #5

Group #6

Group #7

Group #8

Happy Quilting Ya'll!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Stars of Glory and FFFF Winner!!

My little (15 x15) patriotic flimsy!! Pretty cute, if I do say so myself!!!! Pam from Heartspun Quilts had a really cute challenge and I hadn't planned on participating, but the star fabric, star blocks, well....... You know me and stars!!!!!

Also, my resident cowboy was around this morning, Alas he wanted to use his dress hat, but none the less I have a winner!!

And the winner is Tracie Brown!! Please send me your snail mail address and I'll get it in the mail this next week!!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments this month!! What a great bunch of families y'all have - making memories!!