Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Schattig Hollands Poppen Quitje

Translates "Sweet Dutch Doll Quilt"!!

(I can write it, and read it, but can't say it!! Maybe someday!)

I finished up my little quilt that I made from the wonderful scraps that Jeanneke sent me! She had used the fabrics for her house quilt (which is lovely by the way!!)

Each block is 3 inches and the quilt measures about 25" square (I have this thing for square quilts!!) The house blocks are in honor of Jeanneke's house quilt, the pinwheels remind me of the windmills in The Netherlands, the sailboats because Lucy and Rene' have a sailboat and she tells me there is "lots of water in their country!) Of course, when someone mentions Holland, I think of tulips! So had to have a couple of tulip blocks. And the hearts - hearts are universal, but you will notice on any Dutch folk art that there are lots of hearts - so added a couple of heart blocks. But most of all the hearts mean to me the huge generosity of not only the Dutch blogging friends but all of you that continue to inspire and encourage me!!

Many of you know that I finished TWQ flimsy!! (can't post pictures yet, but if you would like to see it, let me know and I'll email you a picture!!)

Well, I was so "pleased" with myself, that I played around in my sewing room and found some UFO's that I had set aside. In that pile, I found 7 vintage flour sack blocks that I had bought off ebay a couple of years ago. So...I sewed them up with some unbleached flour sack fabric setting squares for a table topper! (wow it's not square - just thought about it!! lol)

Aren't these fabrics just priceless!!

A year or so ago, our local grocery store sold flour in flour sacks and I bought a couple thinking that they would make great cup towels - needed new ones, so buy flour get cup towels!! Well, they were really a little small for a towel. But Mandie suggested that I use them for a backing of one of my small quilts - so I did!!

Pretty cute, huh!!!

This will get set aside until I finish quilting TBQ, and then I'll put this in the hoop to be my traveling quilting project - always have a small quilt in the frame that I quilt on when I watch TV, or sit outside on the porch, or travel, or wait on Mike....

Last buy not least, I'm caught up on Randy's Sow-A-Long!! I am so enjoying making these blocks from solid scrap fabrics!! At times I've wanted to go "buy" another color or two, but I'm determined to make these totally from scraps!! I am pleased with how it is turning out. Though the light colors in the blocks might show up as white in the pictures, I am not using any white at all, and I'm really liking that too! A new venture for me!!

And don't forget the FFFF! I will draw a winner on the last day of June!!

Go here to leave a comment for a chance to win!!

Blessings to each and every one of you!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vintage Linens and Fabric Giveaway!!

I know, I know!!! I've not posted in awhile and I'm very appreciative of you noticing!! I have been very busy with summer time activities, but I've also been working on several quilt projects, two of which I cannot post about because they are surprises - oh they know they are getting the quilts, but don't know what they look like!!

Though I've not posted, I have added "pages" to my blog! (had to ask for help to get it done - thanks Janet) but am glad to post about my past projects! Take a peek by clicking on the tabs at the top. I have a couple more pictures I need to add - just haven't taken the time or don't have the picture!

I'll start with my monthly fabric giveaway! I can't really call it FFFF any more because I've missed the 15th two months in a row!!!

But this month I've got 4 FQ's from Connecting Threads. I had hoped to post about this on Flag day, but I loved this Star fabric and wanted to share some with one of you!! I've got a small star quilt in the making - hope to have the flimsy made by July 4th and of course it will have stars as the pattern!!

To enter the giveaway, just leave me a message on this post and tell me (and everyone else, too!) your favorite 4th of July activity and/or memory.

4th of July means "PICNIC" to me. My grandmother always hosted a picnic on the 4th - we would go to a lake, or in the mountains (remember I was raised in Colorado/Wyoming) and we'd eat fried chicken, potato salad, angel eggs, hot dogs, chips, and we could drink as many cokes (that's pop or sodas to anyone not from the south!) as we wanted!! We'd play games, play in the water, go hiking, just what ever!! It was also kinda a family reunion because all the aunts, uncles, great aunts and uncles would come, because my grandma made the BEST fried chicken ever!!!!! I can still taste it!!

Any way - would love to hear your favorite 4th activities!!!! I'll post the winner in about a week!

Lori posted about vintage linens and asked if anyone else collected them - well..... I was warned by my resident cowboy, that if bought one more tablecloth..... well you kinda get the picture.

Here are a few of my favorites!!!


Lori asked how we display them - well I use them! On the table, under lamps etc.

I've also been working on a Dutch inspired doll quilt. Jeanneke gifted me the scraps from her "Houses" quilt because I'm been very interested in Dutch quilting and fabric since I met Lucy. So, I'm making a 'schattige Hollandse poppen quilt'!! Here are the pictures of the "inspiration" and the blocks.  The blocks are 3" (finished) and I'm playing around with the setting with some red polka dot fabric - another Dutch color/design. I chose blocks that make me think of Holland/The Netherlands. It has been a lot of fun!!

Hope this finds each and every one of you enjoying the summer!!! This year has been much better for us. Not as hot and dry, but many are suffering from 112 degree heat, no rain and wild fires. My prayers go out to each and everyone!

Don't forget to pray for our soldiers who selflessly serve our nation and the world. During this season of Memorial Day, Flag Day and Independence Day, I am reminded that freedom wasn't free - but I'm very thankful for each and ever soldier that has served our nation to make our world a good place to be!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day Tribute

This day we honor our fathers - really we should honor them each and every day - it should be a life style, second nature, just the way we think. I learned those things from my dad. He has been gone 20 years, but he planted many wonderful gifts in my heart!

This picture was taken just a couple of years before he passed, but it is so him - horseback, cowboy hat, down vest and wool plaid shirt! I've put this shirt in a quilt.

The other man who is special to me is my children's father! He has planted many special gifts in his children's hearts!

And he has a generous and kind heart for many people!

I'm very thankful for the special men in my life!

I hope you have had a blessed day with the special dads in your life!